Whale In Brazilian Forest


Nathalia Valdez, Social Media & Communications

On February 22 in the middle of the Brazilian forest a dead baby whale was found some 50 feet away from the shore. How did it get  there? Some marine biologist suspect that the whale was just washed up since the tide rises four times a day this year. Whales like this one are common in the South Atlantic, but not usually at this time of year, Sousa said. The whales that come to the coast of Brazil to mate typically spend their winters in Antarctica. So another suspicion is that the whale was already dead but brought up to the shore by the water itself.

DNA research is currently being done to see where the whale came from. However, the question still remains, how did it get there? What was it doing in Brazil during this time of year? And, how did it die?

*Autopsy results are said to be ready in approximately 10 days. *