First the Vortex, Now a Tornado – Alabama Tornado Kills 23


Alyssa Urff, Sahuaro News Editor

On Monday March 3, a tornado swept through Alabama claiming the lives of 23 people. This disaster comes only weeks after the polar vortex hit the Midwest, making life miserable for thousands of Americans.

With tornadoes being ranked on the “Enhanced Fujita” scale from 1-5, the tornado was an EF-4. It is the deadliest tornado since 2013 when Moore, Oklahoma had one sweep through (EF-5) and take 24 lives. 170-mph winds blew through the area and some residents had only less┬áthan 5 minutes of warning. Since the disaster, President Trump, volunteers, and others have visited or helped. Click here if you would also like to support.

The weather has not been giving the Midwest a break. Extreme low temperatures and freezing weather conditions left the Midwest and parts of the northeast in trouble. The wild conditions left multiple people injured or stranded. There was a 30-car pileup on the interstate in Michigan and 100-car pileup in Wisconsin. The conditions also even proved to be fatal with multiple people dying from hypothermia.

While the weather has left many distraught, some were having fun with the rare conditions. People were throwing hot water and watching it freeze mid-air, blowing bubbles and seeing them turn to ice, and even diving or trying to swim in the snow. 2019 has brought a year of odd weather patterns as places like Nevada, California, and Arizona got a taste of the bitter cold. In Arizona, there was record-breaking snowfall for the second time this year.