Hamlet Thrill-Ma-Geddon Hilarious


Amanda Mourelatos, Associate Editor-in-Chief

Sahuaro’s Advanced Theatre presented Hamlet Thrill-Ma-Geddon on Thursday, February 28th through Saturday, March 2nd. The play written by Don Zollidis is a spin-off of Hamlet with tons of advertisements within the play for the sole purpose of needing money (in the play’s script, but we do need money). In the middle of a scene, the characters Jesse and Chip would come out and advertise different items: for example, Refixor, which cures teenage rebellion syndrome, would be advertised by rerunning the scene with Hamlet using Refixor.

Image taken by Jesse during the performance

Brooke Zahn, Sahuaro senior and student director, said, “Hamlet Thrill-Ma-Geddon is not like any type of show that I’ve been a part of in my last four years here at Sahuaro…This show is hilarious for me and it has been a struggle to direct without breaking into laughter.” Also, directed towards the members of drama, she said, “You are my friends and my family. I’d be lost without you and I love you more than anything.” The long-term substitute, Mr. Smith, said, “It has been incredible to watch these students rise to meet any and all challenges that have come up during the rehearsal process. This experience has been quite a thrill (ma-geddon) for me and I am thankful to have had it.”


Director– Brooke Zahn

Chip– Ivory Bacy

Jesse– Elizabeth Kemp

Hamlet– Andrew Larson

Claudius– James Pfersdorf

Gertrude– Marixa Zazueta-Switzer

Ophelia– Autumn Fatovich

Rosencrantz/Servant 3– Ayissa Vizuet

Laertes/Guildenstern/Player Claudius– Sergio Romero

Polonius– Samuel Vitale

Ghost– Christian Gaffney

Horatio/Gravedigger– Wesley Hopf

Brooks Charlie– Sierra Garbarino

Bernardo– Hunter Terris

Marcellus/Servant 2/Player King– Terry Asbury

Lounge Singer/Player– Emma Dabler

Esmerelda/Player Gertrude– Macy Sigafus

Servant 4– Ha’ane Leon Guerrero

Servant 1– Dwayne Slaven

Servant 5– Kiley Spellman

Herald– Alycia Ruffin

Actor– Alayna Sherwin & Jasmine Lind

Waiter- Lucas Devlin