“Jawsome” Hammerhead Sharks

Jawsome Hammerhead Sharks

Ariela, Fresh Face Editor

Hammerhead sharks, or if you are going by the scientific name Cephalofil, are very interesting looking creatures and it is easy to see how they got their name. An average hammerhead is usually about 13-feet-long, but the great hammerhead can be 20-feet-long and weigh 600 pounds. Their eyes are placed on the sides of their heads, which means they have some blind spots where it would be hard for them to see things coming right at them.

An interesting fact about the hammerhead iImage result for hammerheads that they are one of the few animals who can tan from the sun. This is because they tend to swim near the surface for long periods of time. Their pups grow inside the female shark and they can give birth up to 20-50 live pups at once. They love tropical warm waters from all over the world. These sharks are known as Mavericks. They like to think and act on their own and keep to themselves.

Hammerheads do not have a great relationship with humans, unfortunately. They are at a high risk for extinction because their fins are considered a delicacy, sometimes fisherman capture the shark, cut off their fins, and then thrown them back into the ocean like a piece of garbage. The sharks are usually still alive when they get thrown back, and because they are unable to swim, they end up dying. Hammerheads rarely attack humans, so lets stop torturing these beautiful animals and let them roam free.