Site Council Minutes 12/08/15


Meeting called to order at 4:07pm

Call to the Audience

Speakers are limited to three minutes.  No call to the audience

Action Items: 

  1. Approve minutes from November meeting (see

Bobby Estrella moved to approve

Kat Bolasky seconded

Minutes were approved with a unanimous voice vote

Discussion Items:

  1. Faculty Concerns
  2. Volunteers needed to stuff envelopes for report cards
    1. Report Cards will be folded and stuffed on Saturday December 19th at 9:00 am
    2. Looking for volunteers
    3. Estrella will send out a parentlink message and Mr. Brown will be spreading the word with parents.
  3. Where do we stand on area between Vicksburg and 400 building?
  4. Site Council needs to take the lead on planning a Service Saturday. Last year it took place in March.
  5. In order for the event to be successful, we will need to involve the students more in terms of planning and participation.
  6. Olstad is able to order a gazebo at 50% the cost for this project. If we wanted to order a gazebo, it would be around $1,000.00. Mr. Halfmann did not have a bid yet from Mr. Gallegar for lumber to build our own. Not sure which option is more cost effective.

Principal report

It has been a busy, but successful semester. Right now, Fine Arts is in full swing. We are having our Annual Winter concert assembly on Friday, December 11. The Winter concert is Wednesday, December 16th.

Campus has been busy- over Thanksgiving Break we hosted the Boyd Baker Tournament and our Girls Basketball team took 2nd. On December 4th and 5th we hosted the William Bell wrestling tournament and our Varsity Wrestling team took 2nd

Finals are next week. On the 16th, students will be taking 1, 3, and 5; on the 17th they will take 2, 4, 6.

December 18th is grading day.

We are currently administering the 2nd Quarter Benchmark test in English 9, English 10, Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra II. Additionally, we completed the reading posttest for courses that are only a semester long. Student growth on this assessment will accounts for 33% of the teacher evaluation. The posttest was given in Driver’s Ed, Health, PE, Economics, and Government.

January 4th is the first day back after Winter Break

Rentals- we are renting our auditorium to Tucson Country Day School for their Winter Concert.

We hosted Future Cougar Night on November 19th. We invited 8th graders from 6 surrounding area middle schools. Additionally, we invited the 6th and 7th graders from our two main feeder middles schools, Gridley and Magee. Participation was great. We had the support of Stu. Co.,the dance team did an awesome job performing in the courtyard, and the drumline started us off in the auditorium. We are lucky to have such great students. The students of Sahuaro sell our school.

Projections- we are projected at 1700 and we have and will exceed the projections. 1700 is a good projection for funding- at this point we do not anticipate loss of staff.

Master Schedule- We have already started developing the master schedule for next school year. We are finalizing an electric course catalog. We have added Calculus B,C, AP Music Theory, STEM Science class, French 5,6, Earth and Space Science, and AP Psych. We are adding AP Music theory and AP Psych based on the data that was generated on the PSAT. Students will complete the course selection process towards the end of January. It is now time for elective courses to be promoting their classes with the students. Information about course offerings will be sent home so that students can discuss their options with their parents/guardians. Feeder middles schools will be making their selections in February. We use the course selection data to determine staffing and our Master Schedule. We will start the hiring process soon after for any positions that need to be filled.

  1. Parent report – Everything is good!
  2. Student Council report
    1. We just hosted Winter Formal. It went well and was well liked by the students. The decorations were great and the venue (JCC) is amazing.
    2. We are working on elections for the state convention in Flagstaff.
    3. Winter Sports Assembly will be on January 22nd
    4. We are currently holding a Toys for Tots toy drive.
    5. Crew club continues to play music at lunch on Wednesdays
  3. Community report
    1. Gridley held a concert here at Sahuaro and there were a few issues with the house lights and the restrooms not being unlocked. Safety was a big concern.
    2. The irrigation reel is assembled and ready to support the project on Vicksburg. It is a complete donation and it does not matter if the donation is in 2015 or 2016. The reel will be debuted in January at the next meeting.


Announcements: The next meeting of the Sahuaro Site Council will be Tuesday, January 12th.


Meeting adjured at 4:29pm.