Mueller Report Complete

Mueller Report Complete

Emma Walrath, Headline News Editor

After 22 months of investigation by independent counsel Robert Mueller III has been investigating the possible role of Russian interference on the 2016 presidential election. Trump has been consistently preaching, “NO COLLUSION,” and he was correct.

The report was released to the Attorney General, William Barr, who then can choose whether to release it to Congress and the public. Currently, only a summary of the report has been released stating the lack of collusion and explaining the price of the investigation. This information cannot be completely relied on because William Barr could possibly have bias on what he releases to the American public. Many Americans are waiting to form their opinions until after the entire report is public. Trump has said that he will not protest the release.

The Republicans have shifted their focus to the report’s cost, “The total reported cost of the Special Counsel’s investigation through September 2018 was $25,215,853.00,” said a March 24 tweet from the Republican National Committee. There was reportedly over 230 interviews, and 500 subpoenas as well. “The Mueller investigation will go down in history as one of the widest ranging and most expensive Special Counsel investigations ever.”  

There have been complaints about the taxpayer dollars that this investigation has used.  This money comes from the taxpayer dollars allocated to the justice department that could have been used for another investigation.

The full report is rumored to come out mid-April, as Democrats are planning to subpoena the full report with the vote going to the House Judiciary Committee and passing. This could lead to it being released to the public in book form with pre-order available on Amazon now. This information has shined the light on parts of the investigation but many Americans are still left with a lot of questions.