Garfield Phones Re-Appearance Mystery Solved



Denise Najera, Sports Recorder

Since the 1980s, phones of the famous fat cat Garfield have been washing upon the Iroise coast of Brittany in France. Nobody knew where any of these phones were coming from, and so we’re left just picking up the pieces for 35 years. Until now.

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This week, a shipping container was found in a sea cave. The container was indeed filled with the infamous Garfield phones. Locals long before had suspected that what was causing these wash-up was a lost shipping container of some kind. Now, a group called the Anti-Litter Group AKA Ar Vilantsou declared the phones a symbol of plastic pollution on the beach, launching the Garfield phones as the face of their media campaign this year. And it caught some attention.

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A local farmer recalled finding one of these phones back in the 1980’s. Remembering this, he went on to find a French Journalist and an Ar activist, where they went and un-buried cords and old parts of the phones. Unfortunately, the box is so low, damaged, buried into the ground, and only accessible during low tides, that it was not able to completely be removed, leaving locals having to again deal with constantly finding the Garfield phones. Being made of plastic, they’ll most likely outlast us all.