Dumbo Review


Kianna Montano, Beat Investagator-ELL/Foreign

Disney brings back Dumbo, but in live action. On March 29, 2019 it was released in theaters.

Dumbo was directed by Tim Burton and  was also written by Ehren Kruger. This film is inspired by the original Walt Disney’s 1994 animated Dumbo film.

This newer version of Dumbo shows better image of what’s going on in the movie. Dumbo still looks as cute as ever. According to one review, “The movie’s vibrant, colorful world is peppered with dark and creepy elements, including a cruel animal handler, a character who’s crushed to death by a collapsing circus tent, armed henchmen who pursue both animals and children, characters in peril/falling from heights, and an amusement park attraction that’s aptly named Nightmare Island. There are also some very sad parts, like when Mrs. Jumbo is separated from baby Dumbo, which might prove upsetting for younger/more sensitive viewers and foster and/or adoptive families.” The action in the movie looks much clearer and more emotional, but nothing can ever replace the original Dumbo.

We all know Dumbo for his big ears and his small baby trunk.

Colin Farrell (Holt), Eva Green (Colette), Danny DeVito (Medici), and Michael Keaton (Vandemere) are the starring actors for this film. They all work together at a “failing traveling circus” to learn and understand the elephant so they can show him off to the world.

In my opinion this was the best movie I’ve seen so far. I love Disney and Dumbo. I just love the excitement I get when it comes to Disney Movies, they make me feel like a kid again. 

This movie is a must watch and I guarantee if your emotional, you’ll cry. So be prepared, take a box a of tissues and don’t wear makeup!