Shockers from Opening Day


Brandon Barr, Sports Editor

This season, Opening Day started earlier than it has in history, starting this year on March 28. With the early predictions coming and the two biggest free agents finally signed, the season is full of high hopes and big expectations.

However, there were some major shocks to start the season. Bryce Harper, newly signed by the Phillies, went 0-4 in his first game with the Phillies and got booed by the fans, the Orioles, who were the worst team in the league last season, won the series against the Yankees; and the World Series winners from 2018, the Red Sox, lost the series against the Mariners. Sportswriters everywhere were quick to jump on the “Red Sox don’t have it this year” trend that always starts when a highly favored team to contend loses to start the season.

Also, NL MVP for 2018 Christian Yelich has tied the record for the most consecutive games with a homerun to start the season (4), and Paul Goldschmidt of the Cardinals also have 4 homeruns to start the year, but does not qualify for the record because he had a multi-home run game.

This year has already been fired off to a quick start with many new, and young faces surrounding the league and new records to potentially be broken.