Underwater Wedding?

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Denise Najera, Sports Recorder

Ever loved something so much you wanted to….get married in it? A couple in Australia loved scuba diving with a passion, so they decided to go for it and tie the knot underwater.

A woman named Jules Casey, a marine biologist, was walking her dog one day, when she saw a woman in her wedding dress getting ready to..dive into the water? The couple had decided to have their wedding ceremony underwater because their love for the ocean was so great. They had a priest, a dress, tux, rings and everything!

You think they gave her a ‘No’ card?

Anyone else wondering how you hear the priest underwater? What if you miss the ‘I do’part?

Casey ran home to get her own diving equipment and went in the water to dive with them and film some of the action. “The couple were getting married for real but legally it needed to be above water so they were married the following weekend on the water,” Casey said.

Funny how there’s a law where you have to get married on land to be officially married. Would you ever get “married”underwater?