Whoopi Goldberg Launches Line of Marijuana Products for Period Pain

Whoopi Goldberg Launches Line of Marijuana Products for Period Pain

Azalia Munoz, Senior Spotlight Editor

Iconic Actress Whoopi Goldberg has created ‘Whoopi & Maya’ – a marijuana-infused company that helps with menstrual pain along with other pain related symptoms. She teamed up with California-based marijuana expert Maya Elisabeth. Since marijuana is only fully legal in a few states both for medicinal + recreational use, this means that the products are only available in a few states. The company currently only is available in Colorado and California. It is required to show some sort of proof of residency for legal matters, here is what the company says in regards to the legality:

As many of you know California legalized cannabis use for adults 21 and over in January 2018, and with that comes new rules and regulations regarding how we manufacture, package, and distribute our products. We have been hard at work adjusting to these changes and making sure we can still deliver you the highest quality products available within this new legal framework. We sincerely appreciate your continued patience and support during this time of transition. We are preparing to have products available in your favorite licensed CA retail locations starting in May 2018.

She is among the few ‘ganjapreneurs’ that have since established themselves in the marijuana business. Bob Marley’s family launched a private company and Snoop Dogg has launched ‘Leafs” by Snoop. This is a growing field, and the global legal marijuana market is expected to reach USD 146.4 billion by the end of 2025. It makes sense that people would want to capitalize and be a part of the industry.

‘Whoopi & Maya’ has a line of products that include both a soak option and a rub option. The company was inspired by Goldbergs’ granddaughters who suffer from cramps. It focuses on the severity of pain, which ranges from slight discomfort to total agony for some women. “I want to go nice and slow with this. I don’t want this to be a joke to people. It’s not a joke to women,” Goldberg told USA Today. The products are not intended for women to get high, and she is not interested in going in a recreational route. She says that this is a quiet way she can get involved.