Tired of Horrible News? Read On For Some “Feel-Good” Stories

Tired of Horrible News? Read On For Some Feel-Good Stories

Emma Walrath, Headline News Editor

It seems like news today is only focused on the negative things in the world, it can put people in a really bad mood. There has to be good things going on in the world, right? Well, there are and the stories are here in small digestible bites to layer in between all the horrible things going on.

A woman bought out a Payless store to help Nebraska flooding victims:

Addy Tritt saw that all pairs of shoes were on sale for $1 at her local Payless in Hays, Kansas, last week because of them closing their store.

After lengthy negotiations, she purchased all 204 pairs for $100, according to CNN, which will be completely donated to the Nebraska flood victims from the heavy rainfall and snow.

12 Middle School Boys Are Being Hailed for Talking a Woman Out of Taking Her Own Life:

12 boys on their middle school volleyball team were out for a run and saw a woman climbing to the top of a bridge, about to jump. The told their coach what was happening and while he called 911, they convinced her to come down, saving her life. Find more information about this story here.

Hospital Eases the Stress of Surgery for Young Patients By Letting Them Drive Mini-Cars into Operating Room:

At Doctors Medical Center in Modesto, children going into surgery can choose between driving a pink Volkswagen Bug or a black Mercedes into their surgery, that way they don’t get as scared as they would riding in on a gurney.  It also helps ease the fears of parents, seeing their kids having fun.

Determined to Save His Country’s Water Supply, 26-Year-old Has Revived 10 Lakes From a Polluted Mess:

Ramveer Tanwar, engineer, couldn’t bare to see the harm done to his home country of Uttar Pradesh’s water supply in India.  There was an immense drought and pollution. Many of the people in the villages around his didn’t even believe that there could be a lack of water, but he went door to door educating people and organizing a way to help take out trash and plant trees to protect the shore line.