Khalid Releases Second New Album This Year–Free Spirit

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from Google Images

Marcela Marcial

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Khalid has always been one of my favorite artists in the music industry ever since he came out with his first album ‘American Teen’ back in March 2017. On April 5, Khalid released his 3rd album, ‘Free Spirit’, after releasing his second album, ‘Suncity’, back in March this year.

When I heard that he was going to release another album this year I was in shock. I was curious if it was going to be good or not because he just released an album last month. I thought it was going to be repetitive and sound similar to others songs.

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The album has 17 songs, at the moment the most popular songs on the album are ‘My Bad’, ‘Talk’ and ‘Free Spirit’. In my opinion, there are about three or four songs that sound the same. Like the songs ‘Bad Luck’ and ‘Don’t Pretend’ have almost that same chill-mellow beat and talk about the same thing.

So far my two favorite songs off of the album is ‘Bluffin” and ‘Self’. They are kinda different from each other like the beat is pretty slow for ‘Self’ and it talk about his anxiety and he is trying his best to keep his head up. ‘Bluffin” is about a relationship that didn’t end up well. I feel like he should go out of his comfort zone and experiences with new music, because at this point his songs are sounding the same.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Khalid but he should try something new. I saw him in concert last year and he just announced that he is going on tour again this summer. I would go see him again because it was great last time so it should be better in the summer.

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