Mackenzie ̶B̶e̶z̶o̶s̶ -The Third Richest Woman on Earth


Jordan Myers, Entertainment Editor

If you’ve read The Wealthiest Divorce in History, you know what’s been going on with billionaire Jeff Bezos and his now ex-wife, MacKenzie Tuttle. But if you haven’t, I’ll explain. So basically, Jeff couldn’t stay loyal to his wife of 25 years and had an affair with Lauren Sánchez, an American news anchor, and actor. Quite humiliating steamy texts between Jeff and his mistress were released in January and news broke out that he and his wife were to get a divorce after that, which is now final by the way.

Jeff Bezos complimenting his wife and acknowledging their divorce.

Bezos’ net worth is roughly placed at a whopping 150.9 billion dollars, but MacKenzie struts away from the marriage with Amazon stock worth more than $36 billion like a disgustingly rich runway model. This divorce is estimated to be the biggest divorce settlement in history. She has also been ranked the 3rd wealthiest woman in the world. You go, girl!

Jeff and MacKenzie have four children together and have not released custody agreements and it will most likely remain that way.

MacKenzie addressing her divorce settlement and the end to a chapter in her life.

In other news, Lauren Sánchez has filed for divorce from her husband, Patrick Whitesell, an American talent agent and the father to two of her children. The two have been trying to work out the divorce for about six months and have now reached a settlement, which has not been released the public yet.

Jeff Bezos awarding himself with ice cream after lover Lauren files for divorce from husband. Also featuring someone’s lips.