“Five Feet Apart” Movie Review

Five Feet Apart Movie Review

Samantha Crowson, Cougar Tales and Feature Editor

Fault in Our Stars, Everything Everything, Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl. Midnight Sun – seems like a very popular theme in young adult targeted movies nowadays is cheesy romance with relatable teens suffering from some sort of terminal disease. Just recently I had the opportunity to watch one of those movies and I must say, it was “to die for” good.

The film, Five Feet Apart, tells the story of a girl, Stella (Haley Lu Richardson), with a rare sickness called cystic fibrosis, a disease that causes your lungs to overflow with thick fluids that makes it hard to breath. Through her stay at her local hospital she meets a boy named Will, (Cole Sprouse) with the same sickness, but in a more terminal stage, and no will to actually survive. Stella soon finds herself falling for the him as she tries to help him last as long as he can.

The movie all in all was very well written and fit rather well with the novel, although the endings were slightly different. The film in all had an amazing cast portrayal, especially by Cole Sprouse who has come a long way since The Suite Life on Disney. I guarantee if you see this movie it will tug at your heart strings at every turn. The love story in this one, in my opinion compared to other films of it’s genre,  played pretty well to the way the illness affected each character, even the families, without going into too much detail and diverting from the storyline.

All in all, I rather enjoyed the movie, and would see again. 9 stars!!!