Honors and AP English: Why Take Them?

Honors and AP English: Why Take Them?

Max Becker, Sports Writer

Choosing the English class that is correct for you can be a daunting task. However, with a little information and guidance, you can find your ideal class in no time!

If you are a sophomore, you have the option to take an Honors English class. This class is beneficial, as it helps prepare those who are planning to take AP English, as well as those who are planning to attend a 4-year college. This is a class for independent students, and those interested must be willing to challenge themselves. In Honors English, the curriculum consists of advanced reading, writing, and vocabulary, and comes with a  larger workload as compared to those in 10th grade English.  It is recommended for those willing to challenge themselves.

If you are a Junior, you have the option to take an AP, or Advanced Placement, English class. The overall goal is to prepare you for the AP Test, where one can earn college credit for themselves. This class is very good for college prep, and an excellent option for those interested in cleaning up their writing. However, it is by no means an easy class, and those participating must be prepared to work diligently. Taking Honors 10th Grade English before enrolling in an AP English class is recommended but not required.

If you are a Senior, you also have the option to take an AP English class. The benefits include being surrounded by the academically minded, and those in Senior AP English enjoy a more advanced classroom culture. This class is also excellent for college prep, and those enrolled will be doing college level writing. Taking a Junior AP class is recommended, however the class is open to all those that are bright and motivated.