Sahuaro’s PHENOMenal Musicians


Brandon Barr, Sports Editor

Two of Sahuaro’s band members, Joaquin Cota and Miles Guerrero, are in the Phoenix marching band, Phenom. Phenom is a marching band outside of school comprised of musicians from all around the state who auditioned to participate. Phenom is a lower-level marching band compared to Drum Corps, but is still a higher level marching band than most high schools. Joaquin got in for clarinet and Miles got in for snare drum.

Miles says, “The audition process was a lot more fun than I had expected…playing with people who have the same goal.” Auditions are really stressful, because you have to practice constantly and make sure you know your parts. Thankfully Miles tackled this task. Miles, one of 8 snares taken, said that he was excited about getting in, and that it was really rewarding to see all of his practice pay off. They do not practice every single day like Drum Corps do. “Phenom is a soundsport, which means that woodwinds are included in the ensemble.” Drum Corps do not allow woodwinds in. Miles also says, “I practice forĀ  2-3 hours a day, but as an ensemble, we practice every other Saturday in Tempe. In June we go to 4 days a week for practice.” Phenom’s show is called “The Space Between” and with the music selection all being space themed.

Joaquin says, “The audition process was structured as a normal rehearsal day, and the staff sees if you can handle the pressures of a 12-hour day. It was scary and nerve racking, but it was also fun.” When he heard he got in, “I literally got out of my bed and jumped. It was literally the best day of my life.” Joaquin says that, “Phenom is a marching band that brings people from all different backgrounds, all over Arizona, and consists of musicians from middle school to college.” Joaquin is third chair clarinet for Phenom and says that the chair placements are basically whatever the musician wants and that the chairs for clarinets are just octave based. Joaquin also practices every day, and he must complete a bi-weekly video assignment that the staff assigns.

Miles and Joaquin are Sahuaro’s very own PHENOMenal musicians.