Sahuaro Will Not Have 7 Periods


Azalia Munoz, Senior Spotlight Editor

After a long debate, surveys, an assembly to ask students their opinion, and frustrated staff + students – TUSD has released information that Sahuaro High School will not be participating in the 7 period day. This was in addition with other schools that were also discussing on whether or not they will be switching to the schedule. Principal Estrella says that this is due to budget constraints within the district. Not enough money was available to allow for this schedule, and considering schools such as Sabino, and UHS were not approved as well. Discussions about the 7 period day could be brought up in the future, but as of right now it is not like that it will be brought up anytime soon. “I don’t see it being brought up until the budget issues get solved,” Principal Estrella comments. When asked about how he feels on the situation, he says that he can appreciate and understand why the schedule couldn’t work out. He is appreciative of the conversations and work that went into implementing the concept day, although he is happy that we can move forward, and look ahead to the future.

Students are relieved about the schedule not going through. Freshman Alexandra HermanĀ  says, “I’m happy that we’re not doing a 7 period or a block because I’m happy with the way it is now.” It would be a hard adjustment for those who have been attending Sahuaro for a couple of years. “It would’ve been a weird and confusing change, I’m glad that it didn’t go through,” says Junior Celeste Marquez.