TUSD Choral Classics


Emma Walrath, Headline News Editor

The beautiful harmonies from three large advanced choirs filled the UHS/Rincon auditorium on Tuesday, April 16th. The concert started with Sahuaro’s Choir performing,”Jabula Jesu” with an accompaniment  of drums. The different sections of the song come together creating a very unique sound, especially because it was sung in the language of Zoolu.

Then there were performances by UHS/Rincon and Sabino, some were the full choir, others smaller. Before the requiem, a quartet performed and it was a nice way to transition.

Over 100 students then came together to perform a seven-section Fauré requiem. This was performed in Latin and Greek. It was very beautiful, some of the sections were soft and slow others more intense. Hearing all of the voices come together really elevates the whole preference, but it must have been quite a challenge.  There was also a small orchestra in the front, adding even more to the overall sound.

Trina Lopez, a junior from Sahuaro, said, “The practice was really tiring, but it was worth it.  When we all came together it sounded so cool. All of the schools did a really good job.” To see more check out the piece done by KGUN9