The Power of PopSockets

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The Power of PopSockets

Jordan Myers, Entertainment Editor

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POPSOCKETS ARE AMAZING! It’s close to impossible to count the (unnecessarily) extreme number of times I’ve dropped my phone and every time, my PopSocket was there to save my phone, and me. Let’s be honest, we’re nothing without our phones so when we break it, it’s a very big deal. If you’ve ever cracked your phone, you know how it feels and you might not have cried as I do… every time…but it’s a rush of emotions that you never want to experience again. It makes you want to do everything and anything to go back in time and not be as stupid as you were at that moment. I obviously feel very strongly about this, but here are reasons you should get a PopSocket:

The additional grip!

If you have small hands and a large smartphone, this accessory allows you to hold your phone way more easily and actually find comfort in holding your phone for once. Do you often find yourself walking around carrying your phone? PopSockets allow for two fingers to wrap around it, making it way less likely to drop your phone while walking. So, if you happen to have small hands and carry your phone around while you’re doing your power-walk, the PopSocket is perfect for you.

Selfie-ready 24/7

I’m personally obsessed with taking selfies, editing them, and then posting them constantly, as if people really want to see my face. With a PopSocket, your grip on your phone becomes way easier with one hand and reaching the shutter button is basically effortless. It also provides way more freedom with the angle.

It’s a simple phone stand

When I get home every day I’m exhausted…even though I do nothing but play with my PopSocket all day. But when I finally get home, I put my phone sideways on a hard surface and watch Netflix or whatever I feel like watching and my PopSocket is always there to assist. The PopSocket acts like an actual socket, so it allows you to pop it into whatever position you want. You can watch your favorite TV shows while eating and so much more once you’ve popped it into place!

Design your own!!

Wow, another reason to get a PopSocket! If you have a special someone or just an adorable doggo, you can easily go onto and add an image, crop and fit to size, and order. This feature costs 15+ dollars but it’s TOTALLY worth it. You can look at your precious pupper all day long and you don’t even have to worry about it breaking unexpectedly because if you order from the brand name site (hyperlinked above), long time quality is guaranteed!

Just do it!

Yeah, yeah, the price of PopSockets can be a little higher than what you want, but for the quality, it’s worth it. I don’t know how many more reasons I can give you to persuade you into getting the accessory of your dreams. Now I must give you the push you need…GO GET IT, GIRL! Treat yourself!