Columbine School Shooting Obsessed Teen Most Likely Committed Suicide

Nathalia Valdez, Social Media & Communications

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Sol Pais, an 18-year-old from Miami, Florida was “infatuated” with the Columbine School Shooting that occurred April, 20, 1999. The teen flew from Miami to Denver and purchased a gun. Sol’s parents later informed police of her disappearance and about her Columbine obsession. Miami FBI agents call their Denver counterparts around mid-morning.

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NBC news Sol’s journal

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Wednesday, Columbine and a series of other schools canceled lessons due to threats and alleged sightings of Sol near Mount Evens. Police go on a “manhunt” but find Sol dead. The cause of death was suspected suicide.

After investigating Pais  the police concludes she seemed like a threat to schools and called for school lock downs. All around the area schools entered “soft lock downs” (normal school activity continues however the doors are locked.) Meanwhile, county sheriffs searched for Pais near Mount Evens.

Many people who knew Sol said she was a normal girl; however, her parents say she “didn’t have a lot of friends, and usually stayed home.” A local Colorado teacher even wrote a short article about Sol saying, “A woman (girl?) her parents reported missing Monday night. A woman (girl?) they said usually stayed home and “didn’t have any friends.” I saw my students, and my responsibility to them.”