If You Want Long Hair, This is the Article For You!!

photo from google images

photo from google images

Jocelyn Reeder, Editor-in-Chief

I don’t know about you but I love having long hair. You get to do cute hairstyles and long hair goes with a lot of cool fashion trends. I have been using Doo Gro Mega Thick Growth Oil since January and honestly if you really want your hair longer this is the way to go!

My hair used to be long and healthy before I started dying it. All those chemicals of the dye and constantly using heat on my hair was really damaging. I had to keep getting hair cuts and trying different types of repairing shampoos/conditioners.

This was my hair back in January before using the oil.

My friend told me about Doo Gro and I definitely noticed the difference in length in her hair.

The oil is really cheap and is safe to use on all different hair types. It cost about $6 at Walmart. You can leave it in your hair overnight or wash it out. What I do is put about a little more than a quarter of shampoo in my hand and then pour about half of a quarter of the oil with the shampoo. Then, I mix the two together and put them in my hair. I wait about 3-5 minutes and then wash the shampoo out. After this, just do your normal routine whether it is using conditioner or other products.

This is my hair right now after using the oil for 4 months.

Another major tip to getting your hair long is limiting the amount of heat products you use in your hair. The oil is really helpful but you still have to do the work as well. If you need to use heat, I would definitely use a heat protected spray every time you straighten or curl your hair.

Do not give up!! Your hair is not going to naturally grow overnight but if you keep using this oil and limiting the amount of heat products you use, you will get there.