Former VP Making A Play for President


Emma Walrath, Headline News Editor

Former Obama era Vice President, Joe Biden, officially announced his 2020 presidential candidacy after months of anticipation on April 25th 2019. Although he had only hinted towards a run previously, he was the front runner for most democratic voters even though 22 democrats have announced before him. However he does stand out because just 24 hours after his announcement his campaign has raised 6.3 million dollars.

He announced through a YouTube video, where most notably he directs focus to the comments made by the president after the attack in Charlottesville, which can be found here.

Three weeks ago, his potential run was rocked by the #metoo movement as many women came out accusing him of inappropriate and unsolicited physical contact. Biden admitted his wrong doing and said that he will try to be better, but this may have affected some voters opinions of him.

Former President Obama has not endorsed him, or any other candidate, yet. It is common knowledge that the two are still close and the endorsement is likely to come soon, since Biden so recently announced.

Others have started talking publicly about him, especially President Trump who posted on twitter:

The origin of the nickname is unknown, but it does seem like Trump thinks that Biden will make it through the primaries.

This is his third time running for president after his unsuccessful attempts in 1988 and 2008. It does feel different this time, possibly because he has a recognizable name but either way he has captured the nation’s attention.