The Cardinals are Now on the Clock


Brandon Barr, Sports Editor

With the first pick of the 2019 NFL Draft, the Arizona Cardinals selected quarterback Kyler Murray. He comes from the University of Oklahoma, and was heavily in the news prior to the draft. He was still debating whether he wanted to pursue football or baseball. He was drafted by the Oakland Athletics, but in his last year of college football, he won the Heisman Trophy. He told the Athletics he wanted 2.5 million dollars for an initial contract; much more than what any other minor league player would receive.

The Cardinals finished off last year with the worst record in the league, and they were led by rookie quarterback Josh Rosen. Rosen walked into a bad start, as when he took over, the Cardinals were already 1-4. All last year they had bad defense and just could not stop anybody. It was not Rosen’s fault. He did everything he could, but with a bad defense and a sub par offensive line, Rosen did not receive much help.

For me, the Cardinals should have drafted the highest defensive prospect, Nick Bosa, instead of Kyler Murray. The Cardinals needed defensive help rather than a new quarterback, but the new head coach of the Cardinals, Kliff Kingsbury already had ties with Murray. I would have liked to have seen Rosen get another chance and get a full season of work, but the Cardinals gave up on him after just one year. After the Cardinals drafted Murray, they were quick to trade Rosen to the Dolphins for basically nothing in return.

Here is another case of the Cardinals giving up on young talent and trading away a potential superstar. The Cardinals took a big risk drafting a new quarterback and trading away Rosen. The Cardinals will have to wait until next season before they can see if it was worth it.