Woman Dies Protecting Rabbi During Synagogue Shooting

Woman Dies Protecting Rabbi During Synagogue Shooting

Ariela, Fresh Face Editor

Image result for synagogue california victim diedAnother hate filled gunman open fired in a place of worship, this time at a synagogue in Poway, California. A 60-year-old woman died after she stepped between the gunman and the rabbi, saving his life. The victim, Lori Kaye, was at the synagogue to pray for her mother on the final day of Passover. The rabbi described her as “the example of kindness to the fullest extent.” Sadly, the physician who rushed to the scene turned out to be Kaye’s husband. After he found out the victim was his wife he fainted. “She didn’t die a senseless death,” her friend Roneet Lev said. “She died advertising the problem we have with anti-Semitism and to bring good to this world. … If God put an angel on this planet, it would have been Lori.”

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Three other people were injured, but it could have been much worse if the gun hadn’t malfunctioned.¬†One of the injured was an eight-year-old girl who was wounded in one of her legs and her face. Her parents were shocked because they had just moved here from Israel to be in a safer environment. Her uncle Almog Peretz happened to be visiting the day of the shooting and was attending the Passover Services, which is “one of the holiest Jewish services.” When he saw the gunman he opened the doors and yelled for people to get out. He then helped children get to houses nearby to hide.

Image result for synagogue california rabbiRabbi Yisroel Goldstein was one of the three injured on that horrific day. He lost his right and badly injured this left-hand index when he went to lift his hands to protect his face. “I realize there’s an active shooter right here right now. What must I do now? I turn around where all the children were gathered in the banquet hall and I gather them and I usher them outside. Amongst those children was my 4-and-half-year old granddaughter and my 3-year-old grandson, who was sleeping in his carriage. Bullets are flying all over and I’m shouting and screaming for everyone to get out,” he said.

The rabbi witnessed Kaye on the floor with her husband trying to give her CPR and thought to himself, “This is not supposed to happen. This is not Nazi Germany. This is not the pogrom. This is right here in Poway, this is our home.” Congregation member Minoo Anvari, said the rabbi called out for peace and unity after being shot. “The rabbi said ‘We are united,'” Anvari said.