Moving On Up For Good


Denise Najera, Sports Recorder

You know that lady who teaches Mrs. Watters’ classes for half the day? The one with all the cool looking tattoos? That’s Ms.Good. If you haven’t met her…what a shame. But if you have meet her you know that she is the student teacher for Mrs. Watters, but not for long people because this one’s moving up!  Principal Estrella snagged Ms. Good early on in the hiring process since the English department will have two vacancies next year.  Freshman English teacher, Mr. Anderson, was also a student teacher of Mrs. Watters’ a few years ago, so this seems like a perfect pathway to a permanent spot.

Ms. Good was placed here at Sahuaro by Teach Arizona. “The Teacher Arizona Program that I am graduating from at the UofA has a teacher certification and master degree program, they place you based on your student teaching experience with a mentor.” She lucked out getting placed with Mrs. Watters. “I ended up here at Sahuaro and I just really really liked it and wanted to stick around.”

Ms. Good says she has had a great time at Sahuaro, and everyone I know that has Ms.Good say she’s just awesome.  “I have made a lot of great relationships with other teachers all over the school, particularly the English teachers. I’ve had a great time interacting with all the students and developing relationships with them and just seeing them grow throughout the year.”

The future Freshmen English teacher is very eager about having and teaching her own class. She will be taking over for Mr. Hislope, who is retiring this year; however, she will not be teaching AP Lit, just teaching freshmen instead. “I’m very excited to decorate the classroom and get it all set up! I’m excited to be here all day instead of just for two periods. Can’t wait to meet the new kids next year too.” Get ready future freshmen!

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Down the road of her teaching career, Ms.Good said she would like to mentor her own teacher aid. “After getting some experience I definitely would. I think it’s a great program, I learned a lot and it’s really helpful having a good mentor. I was really lucky to be placed with Mrs. Watters because she is amazing.” Mrs.Watters, she says, was always someone who helped her and was a very great role model who constantly gave her feedback and encouraged her teaching practice.

So if you see Ms.Good, wish her good luck on continuing her teaching journey!