What’s Going On with Personal Parking Spots?


Emma Walrath, Headline News Editor

Sahuaro’s Student Council has begun the process of selling reserved, customizable parking spots for next year. Until Friday May 3rd, the class of 2020 can pre-reserve a parking spot in the cafeteria during both lunches. They don’t have to pay anything right now, all payments will be made at registration. Pre-ordering gives you the advantage of making sure that you will have a spot open that you want.

You can decorate it (as in paint the spot or just the block) and be surrounded by your friends! To make sure that your spot is only used by you, you’ll be issued a different-looking parking pass than the general parking one and if someone is in your spot, you can report it to the office and they or Student Council will deliver appropriate consequences to the driver. There will be a sign displaying to visitors and students that this row is reserved.

Traffic will also be lighter in this row as most seniors leave 5th period, so they will be leaving in two waves. They will all be going the same way when they do leave to create shorter lines.

So far there is only a specific section where this parking will be available, it will be the closest row to the tennis courts under the solar panels. Student Council has said that it is the row with the most shade in the parking lot.

Spots located closer to the church will cost $20 and spots closer to school are priced at $25. All of the funds will go to the class of 2020’s prom.

Pre-ordering is only open to the class of 2020, but purchasing spots will be open to everyone at registration over the summer. There are limited spots but if demand is high enough they may open another row. After payment you can begin decorating!