Endgame: Track Edition

Nathalia Valdez, Social Media & Communications

Treyvion White-Austin
Kira Montgomery

Every year a select few Track athletes are invited to Last Chance at Desert Vista High School (Phoenix AZ) were it’s literally their last chance to make it to State. However, some athletes (like Trey White-Austin and Kira Montgomery) have already qualified for State.

Long jump qualifiers included Kira Montgomery, junior (16 feet 5 inches) and Treyvion White-Austin, senior (23 feet 2 inches). Shot put has Kingsley Ugwu, senior (personal record 54 ft 7.5 inches) and he is also participating in Discus (P.R 160 ft 1 inch). Kingsley qualified for state in both events. Alaysha Grissette, senior, also qualified for shot put (P.R. 28 feet 11 inches). 

State qualifiers for a running event were Treyvione White-Austin in the 200 m race (P.R. 23.02), also the 4 x 100 (and the rest of his team Treivion Watkins, Dominique Beas,(senior), Deshawn Burnes (senior), and Isaiah Davis (junior), and  4 x 400 (along with rest of the team Deshawn Burns, Micheal Hernandez (freshman), and Ronald Sabatino (senior).  Emerald Linke-Shivers (senior) qualified for 200 m dash.

The girls 4 x 100 team includes Kira Montgomery, LaShya Fox, Ashante Bell (sophomore) and Emerald Linke-Shivers qualified for State, with a 9th place ranking.  “The competition this year was super tough, but it helped us get so much faster, it was such a great season,” said Macy cheerfully.  “We have a really good chance of medaling this year in the finals,” Emerald hopes.

State winner for Long Jump is Treyvione White-Austin. The rest of the results will not be determined until Saturday (May 4 2019) during part 2 of the track meet. State is taking place at Mesa community college (MCC)