Sahuaro’s Underground Bomb Shelter


Jamie Beck, fine arts/ slideshow editor

Have you ever found yourself curious about what may lay beneath the school we are in all day? Well, you’re about to find out. Underneath the school is a bomb shelter that was built during the Cold War to create a safe place for students and faculty if there were ever a bombing (or nowadays a shooting on campus). Many students do not know that it even exists, but there is a shelter that snakes all throughout the school, with many secret entrances. The shelter has never been used for serious matters, but today it is mainly used for the air conditioning, plumbing, electrical, and a storage area for desks. Firemen have toured through it, the main purpose of that was in case of a fire or if someone were to ever get lost down there.
A few years back, there was a crime scene done with the drama class where they wrote things on the walls with fake blood and smeared handprints across the walls. They also used bloody t-shirts and a baby doll hung with a rope; all of this “crime scene” evidence still lies in the shelter. Urban legends have it that years ago a custodian who worked at Sahuaro would clean the school at night and he would stay down in the shelter overnight because he was homeless. He died a few years later and current custodians have reasons to believe the school is haunted; at night, when the custodians are here cleaning, they hear things in the hallways and the elevators would go up and down by themselves.

Roy, one of the monitors at Sahuaro, said, “When I first started working here, monitor Kent took me on a tour through the shelter and shut the lights off on me. I was a little freaked out.”

Over the years, many students have found ways to get down there and wrote their names and years they graduated from Sahuaro. Most of the students who managed to get down there were usually caught and would get into a lot of trouble. While most of the students might not believe the shelter is truly there, there are many stories about it that might make you want to go down there or never step a foot through the doors to enter.