In School Intervention


Mr. Mack

Jacob Hernandez, Reporter

Raymond Mack is Sahuaro’s new In-School-Intervention teacher. Originally from Illinois, before he became Sahuaro’s In-School-Intervention teacher, he was a college coach and an employee for the University of Arizona and Pima College. Mr. Mack was an athlete in college, and graduated from the University of Arizona and Pima; he has a post graduate degree, which means he graduated a couple of times.

When asked what his job was, he responded with, “We integrate students back into the classroom.” What Mr. Mack means by that, is minimizing student’s absence from the classroom. He states, “Once an infraction has been committed by a student, it is eventually up to the principal or principals, and all concerned parties” to decide if the students will be assigned to Mr. Mack for an in-school intervention. He can be found in the administration office downstairs/the basement of the administration building.