To: All my teachers and friends
From: Dwayne Slavin
Message: You guys are my family because even though we didn’t know each other, we are not just classmates, we are family, go Cougars!

To: All the coaches
From: Chris Lochhead

Message: We love you and appreciate all that you do! CPOD!

To: All coaches
From: Jakob Goerke
Message: Thank you for putting Sahuaro back on top.

To: Becky Fajardo
From: Eric Blackwell
Message: I’ve been your student and your most regular visitor, but thank you for everything! Your positivity and outlook on life has impacted my outlook and you, without a doubt, made the biggest impact on me.

To: Coach Chris Wilson
From: anonymous

Message: You da best

To: Coach McKee
From: Max Lockwood

Message: Thank you for always being there and for helping me overcome my life’s obstacles.

To: Chandler
From: Isaiah Alvarez

Message: Thank you man, you made junior year fun as heck, have fun playa.

To: Charlie O’Malley
From: Alan Rodriguez
Message: Thank you for the hard work you do when trying to keep this school clean. We truly appreciate you!

To: Mr.Cutler
From: Kailee Emmet
Message: Thanks for being so motivating and preparing us for the future.

To: Mr. Cutler
From: James Riddle

Message: Thank you for teaching useful things.

To: Ms. Depugh
From: Rachel Davenport

Message: Thank you for being such an amazing influence my past 2 years here <3 you’ve been an amazing school mother.

To: Ms. Depugh
From: Hayley Knapik
Message: Thank you for being the best teacher!

To: Mr. Hislope
From: Dylan Lamont
Message: Thanks for teaching me how to defend my beliefs!

To: Mr. Hislope
From: Shawn Adcock
Message: Thank you for helping me realize when it’s okay to be funny and when to be serious and learn.

To: Ms. Hubbard
From: Essence Jackson
Message: I would like to thank you for being such a funny and positive role model in my life. You’re going to have a successful life, I know it.

To: Ms. Krause
From: Azalia Muñoz

Message: Thank you for being a gay icon, I love you!

To: Ms. Kimbly
From: Alex Shaulis

Message: Thank you for filling my last year at Sahuaro with fun challenges and overwhelming support. Glad I waited to take art till senior year, because I wouldn’t have found your wonderful class otherwise!

To: Ms. Kimbly
From: Lizette Godinez

Message: You made this year the best, I love you so much. Thank you for teaching me so many cool and fun things in art. I’ll miss you!

To: Coach Kruszewski
From: Abigail Serafini
Message: For being a good motivator and coach and leader all throughout high school.

To: Coach Kruszewski
From: Haley Criger
Message: Thank you for always believing in me. You have been my favorite coach either on the field or in the pool. Thank you for everything! – #6

To: Ms. Lange
From: Autumn Fatovich
Message: You are such an inspiration! Thank you for all that you have done. I’ll miss you.

To: Ms. Lange
From: Samantha Crowson

Message: Thanks for giving me such a hard time with getting stuff done and doing it right. You made me a better person.

To: Ms. Lange
From: Jocelyn Reeder

Message: Thank you for being there and guiding me for three years. You’re an amazing woman and I’m going to miss you so much! 🙂

To: Ms. Lange, Mr. Lundstrum, Ms. Sherly
From: Adam Acedo
Message: You all taught me that things don’t come easy in life. If you want something you have to earn it. I didn’t do that, but you all taught me how. Thank you for your patience.

To: Mr. Long
From: Pat

Message: Thanks for accepting my crappy art, and always being there to joke around with, I’ll miss you bud.

To: Ms. Limperis
From: Hailey Coryell
Message: Thank you for being there for me! You’re a great social worker!

To: Ms. Martinez
From: David Thompson

Message: You’re the best teacher I’ve ever had for the past 2 years.

To: Mrs. Miller
From: Theresa Lucchese

Message: Thank you for always believing in me and never giving up on me. You were always pushing me to do better and to better myself! I couldn’t have done it without you!

To: Ms. Patty, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Echols & Mr. Cephers
From: Jerry Molina
Message: Thank you for helping me through the ups and downs of school.

To: Mrs. Stevenson
From: Bethany Sutton

Message: She has been one of the only teachers to push me to be my best and really believed in me when no one else did.

To: Mrs. Stevenson
From: Bekah Kass
Message: Thank you for being my teacher; you’re supportive and a good role model. Thank you for teaching me.

To: Mrs. Stevenson
From: Brianna Latham

Message: It has been an amazing year and I can’t thank you enough for making senior year fun.

To: Mrs. Stevenson
From: Kenia Sarabia

Message: Thank you for always finding ways to make government/ economics a fun class and going out of your way to help us out with our future careers. Thank you for being a sweetheart!

To: Veal
From: Dominique Beas

Message: Thank you for being my coach

To: Mrs. Watters
From: Kamren Fitts

Message: Thank you for being such an amazing teacher and an overall wonderful spirit. I love you!