Senior Q&A With Amir Hunter

Senior Q&A With Amir Hunter

Jordan Myers, Entertainment Editor

Amir Hunter is a class of 2019 senior who has participated in Sahuaro football and track over his four years here. Amir doesn’t plan on going to college.

Q: What’s your favorite part of track?

A: Jumping events I did which was triple jump and high jump.

Q: Are you going to miss Sahuaro? What part about it?

A: I’m going to miss all of the fun times me and my friends had together and just all of the memories here.

Q: If you could stay in high school forever with your friends, would you?

A: No, high school was really fun but I wouldn’t stay. I think I’m ready to start my life after high school.

Q: Are you looking forward to ‘adulting’?

A: Yes. I’m kind of scared but I’m trying not to think much about it.

Q: What is by far the stupidest thing you’ve ever done at school because someone dared you?

A: Me and my friends would fool around and break stuff and nobody in the class knew who was doing it.

Q: How bad is your senioritis 1-10?

A: I would give it a good nine.😬

Q: Which year of high school was the most difficult for you? What got you through it?

A: I never really had a really difficult year in high school.

Q: If cellphone usage was banned during school hours, do you think students would be more productive?

A: Most definitely. We use our phones way too much; it’s a distraction.

Q: Which school event this school year did you most look forward to?

A: Football because I was on the team.

Q: Did football season live up to your expectations?

A: It totally lived up to my expectations since we finished in the final four.

Q: What was your most streamed on-the-way-to-school song this year?

A: Since I don’t drive to school I ride with friends and we usually just listen to songs they already have on. I have no complaints.

Q: What’s your MOST embarrassing in-school memory?

A: I haven’t been embarrassed or embarrassed myself in school yet, so that’s good.