DePugh DeParts Sahuaro


Samantha Crowson, Cougar Tales and Feature Editor

“She’s a very sweet woman with a very sharp attitude,” stated senior Kinglsy  Ugwu, which pretty accurately sums up Social Studies teacher Ms. DePugh, who is leaving us after 16 years as a Cougar.

She started working here in 2003, has taught AP US History, US History, Government, Economy, and Student Council, and each year her students have had amazing things to say about her. Not only has she been a member of our Sahuaro Cougar family, but so have her three children, each of which has graduated from here. One, Ashley, even taught Sports Medicine at Sahuaro for a few years herself, before leaving last year to move to Virginia, which is where Ms. DePugh is now heading.

Big and Little DePugh

Sadly though, for her loving students, after her long years here at Sahuaro, she has decided to move to the east coast, Richmond Virginia, to be closer to her 2 kids already living out there.  Although she will miss her years here as a part of the Sahuaro Cougar family, she says, “One of my favorite traits of the Sahuaro Community is how the students come together for people in need.  The response the students and the Sahuaro Community had for the victims of Hurricane Harvey was heartwarming (toiletries Drive last school year)… My favorite event of the school year was the school wide picnic,” she reminisced, “I just like watching the students all enjoy this fun activity together, and I generally like this cool thing for the school.”

“There is something she says all the time….There will be no fun in my classroom,” according to Cerik Cartwright, “…but she never really means it.” Point in case, I have personally experienced in her APUSH class last year, she never failed to at least spend 10 minutes a week telling us a little bit about her love for horses, and you bet she is taking them with her, “They are literally moving to greener pastures!” she stated.

As a student who has had her two years in a row, I admit that although being in her AP class was proven difficult every time, I will still miss her jokes and how she pushes us to work harder every time. “I hope her students in Virginia appreciate her as much as I do, because she is the best teacher I have ever had.” stated Hayley Knapik wishing her a farewell.