A Q&A With The Editor of the Paper Cut: Jocelyn Reeder

A Q&A With The Editor of the Paper Cut: Jocelyn Reeder

Emma Walrath, Healine News Editor

  1. Q:How long have you been doing newspaper?

For three years! I started my sophomore year.

Q:What were the best and worst parts?

The best part is getting to write about different types of people. The worst is tracking people down for an interview or them not replying to my emails.

Q:What is your favorite article you’ve ever written?

My favorite would probably be the one about Antony Lopez because he was really fun to write about and was very inspirational.

Q:What was one of your favorite memories from high school? What about the Paper Cut?

My favorite memory was when Mr. Hislope did a turkey impression. My favorite memory from The Paper Cut is Ms. Lange’s sassy comments.

Q:What’s your favorite place on campus? In Tucson? 

My favorite place on campus would probably be the the library because it is nice and quiet. My favorite place in Tucson would probably be the Pima County Fair.

Q:What do you want to do after high school?

I want to go to Nursing school and become an OR Nurse.

Q:What advice would you tell your freshman self?

Chose your friends wisely 🙂

Q:What song do you think sums up your high school experience the most?

Honestly any song about being stressed 🙂

Q:If you were a teacher how would you act?

I would be so so stressed.

Q:Who has been your favorite teacher?

Ms. Lange cause she is an amazing woman.

Q:Who did you learn the most from?

My mom because she has pushed me to be the best version of myself I could be.

Q:If you were an animal what would you be?

A penguin because they are so cute and seem so simple.

Q:What’s the thing you will miss the most about Sahuaro? About the Paper Cut?

I would definitely miss some teachers that were literally angels and helped me a lot throughout the year. I’m gonna miss writing articles for The Paper Cut and Ms. Lange of course :).