Mrs. Wexler Transfers to UHS

Samantha Valdez, Opinion Editor

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Dedicated, encouraging, caring, and supportive are all perfect ways to describe Mrs. Wexler. This amazing teacher has been teaching at Sahuaro for 7 years and is ready for a new challenge.  When this year ends, Mrs. Wexler will be moving to UHS to continue her career there. “My son is planning on going to UHS in the future and I want to be there for him.” The time for Mrs. Wexler to leave is coming soon, but she knows she still has a lot to do. “I have a lot to do and not much time.  Besides all the chemistry left, I want kids to leave at the end of the year with a love for science.  That’s my biggest goal left here, teaching kids they are capable of doing and loving science.”

Mrs. Wexler will never forget her experiences at Sahuaro and all the students she was able to grow with. “I will never forget the first year I was going to be in charge of the Honors Chemistry kids, and all I could think was, well they’re smart kids so we have to add something on top of the material, so I added SARSEF as part of the class.” This sparked her journey into bringing kids into the science community. This year Sahuaro was awarded a SARSEF Endorsed school certificate and this was because of her consecutive years participating at SARSEF and pushing kids to fabricate, design, and carry out amazing school projects.

Many students are sad at the news that Mrs. Wexler is leaving, but rejoice the wonderful memories she has left behind. “All our jokes, games, labs, and hard work will never leave from my memory,” said- Amanda Mourelatos, a sophomore. This is what some students had to say about our scientifically special teacher, “She was an amazing teacher.  Her class was challenging, and I learned more there than any other class.  The vibe she gives is that she loves the subject and cares about every single student,” remarked Emma Walrath, junior. “I’ve never met a teacher as dedicated and passionate about her subject and her teaching,” says Alyssa Urff, junior. ” She was an amazing teacher that was incredibly knowledgeable and knew chemistry like the back of her hand,” Haley Valdez said.

Mrs. Wexler wants her future students to know she is excited and coming with a lot of work and activities. Besides her son going to UHS in the future, she plans to one day be in charge of the Research class. “It’s a class where students work on their science projects every day and I also want to enforce SARSEF. This is in the future though so fingers crossed!” Sahuaro wishes you the best of luck!

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