Best of Girls 2019

Best of Girls 2019

By all of us :)

Most Changed Since Middle School: Marissa Lynn

Q: If you could go back to middle school, what would you say to yourself?

A: I wouldn’t say anything. I’d punch myself in the face

Q: What was your favorite thing to do with friends in middle school and what’s your favorite now?

A: I didn’t have friends in middle school and now we go and get food

Q: What was your biggest talent in middle school and what about now?

A: My biggest talent in middle school was probably being annoying and now I guess drawing or something

Q: What style were you rocking in middle school and what are you rocking now?

A: In middle school I wore over-the-knee colorful socks and skirts and ugly shirts. Now I stick to shorts and ugly shirts

Most Likely to Become POTUS: Halley Hughes

Q: What would be your campaign slogan?

A: “I got a 4 on the AP Bio test”

Q: If you had to pick a Sahuaro student for a running mate, who would it be? Why?

A: Hayden Estrella – He got a 4 on the AP Stats test, plus he’s charismatic

Q: If you were to be impeached, what do you think would be the cause?

A: Giving too much money to animal shelters. Also High Treason

Q: What do you think is already great about America?

A: We have amazing diversity and good food

Most Likely to Live in a Third World Country: Rachel Davenport

What kind of charity work would you do in a third world county?

I would start a non-profit to help local communities

In which country could you make the biggest impact?

The countries affected by natural disasters

What American luxury would you miss the most?

Having access to food, shelter, and clean water when I need it

What would be the hardest part of living in the third world country?

Adjusting to change and seeing an impact

If you could bring one person with you, who would it be and why?

My sister, we both love social action projects and we would be a kick a** team

Best Laugh: Roni Duncan

What makes you laugh?

Honestly myself! I trip a lot and instead of getting embarrassed, I just laugh it off. My best friend Laila Seaman makes me laugh a lot too 🙂

What is the funniest joke you know?

When you look really close at mirrors they all look like eyeballs.

How would you describe your laugh?

It’s kinda high-pitched and breathy. When I laugh really long it goes silent and when I laugh really hard it’s loud

Whose laugh makes you laugh?

Anyone really. Whenever someone else is laughing I am probably laughing too.

When was a time you inappropriately laughed at something you shouldn’t have laughed at?

I feel really bad but my mom tripped and fell down a couple stairs on stage at my elementary school in front of a bunch of people and I laughed while everyone was concerned, but in my defense my dad laughed too.

Most likely to get away with anything: Brittany Robertson

What is it about your personality that lets you get away with anything?

I am very sporadic and say “F” it to anything

If you got caught, what would you get arrested for?

Killing my sophomore ex boyfriend but honestly I probably wouldn’t get caught!

Biggest lie you’ve told?

Telling my parents that I do not have a phone

Who in your life gets blamed the most for things you do? Like what?

Geoffrey, my brother.  He got in trouble for stealing my mom’s Ipad but really it was me

Have you ever thrown someone under the bus? What happened?

One time my sister told my parents that I stole her headphones and I told them they could search me and that I didn’t do it, my brother did

Best Snap-chat Story: Abby Serafini

What are your tips for angles and lighting? 

Honestly nothing, I try to avoid putting anything on my story that involves lip syncing to music

What Snapchat picture are you most proud of?

The snapchat picture I’m most proud of is not school appropriate

What do you get the most responses for on your story?

Whenever I put a video of a person making a “Lightskin” face

Whose story do you enjoy watching the most?

My brothers (Miles Serafini) because he’s the funniest person I’ve ever met

What is your Snapchat?


Most Fashionable/Trendiest: Alyssa Saavedra

Where do you buy your clothes?

-Forever 21, Target, Saver’s

What is you favorite brand or style?

Anything grunge

What trends do you love? Which do you hate?

Trends I love: Mom jeans and oversize clothing

Trends I hate: Neon clothing and assless chaps

What is the ugliest piece of clothing you own?

A pair of flower jeans

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

1-2 hours, depending on if I do my makeup

Best Twitter: Miranda Espinosa

How many followers do you have? The most likes you’ve every gotten?

Around 400 followers. I used to have over 1,000 but I switched accounts a few years ago

What is your favorite tweet you or someone else has written?

I tweeted my cousin “Pain is temporary, flex is forever.” It’s my senior quote now

How much time do you spend on Twitter daily?

A decent amount of time. I don’t really know – about as much time as a middle aged woman spends on Facebook

What’s you secret to bringing attention to your page?

Tweet what you think because at the end of the day the world’s gonna end soon anyway. Also no one’s going to say anything to me in person so…

Who do you most love to follow on Twitter?

Tyler, the creator is funny. I follow a lot of Astro acos. I love YG’s tweets, and also ASAP YAMS RIP

Most Likely to Win an Olympic Medal: Emerald Linke-Shivers 

What sports were you involved in and how long have you been playing each sports?

I run track and play soccer. I’ve played soccer for 10 years and I have ran track for 7 years

Who is your favorite sports team and why?
U.S. women’s soccer team – they all stand for something unique and fight for women’s rights in sports all the time. Also they are the best

What is your best sports related memory?

Winning a state medal with my 4×100 relay team

What has been your worst injury doing sports?

I strained my quad my freshmen year. I was out for a while and couldn’t run full speed for months

If you won an Olympic Medal, what event would it be and which one would you win? (Gold,Silver,Bronze)

It would probably be in a team event like the 4×100, we would win gold


Couple Most Likely to Live Happily Ever After: Abel Torres and Cierra Zamora

When and where did you meet your significant other?

In freshman English class, Abel sat across from me the first day of school

Who has better hair? Eyes?

Eyes: Abel and Hair: Cierra

Do you have a nickname for each other? What are they?

Cierra: Ra and Abel: Abel Waybel, boo baby, etc.

Who wears the pants in the relationship?


What relationship advice do you have for other high school couples?

Communicate with each other and don’t stay mad at each other for too long

If you were getting married, what would be the song for your “first dance”?

Sleepwalk by Johnny and Santo

Most School Spirit: Haille Davis

How do you express your school spirit?

I show up to almost every sport game, matching with the theme and I participate in every spirit week!

What is the craziest thing you’ve worn for spirit week?

I wore holographic leggings my junior year, that caught everyone’s attention

What spirit day do you wish could have been included in spirit week?

Red carpet, where we all just dress as celebrities

What do you love the most about Sahuaro?

No matter how extra you are when participating in spirit week, no one judges you:)!

Worst Case of Senioritis: Lyneah Rivera

What class did you procrastinate the most in and why?

Math, because I know it’d be easy to make up

How many days did you skip school for “mental health issues”?

96 absences

How long have you had senioritis?

Since freshman year

What’s the worst part of having severe senioritis?

Sleeping through tests and important school events

Who got on your case the most about your senioritis?

Mr. Shingler

Most Unique Tattoo: Jocelyn Reeder

Describe your tattoo

My tattoo is a dandelion that is being blown and it turns into birds. The colors are blue and purple.

What was the inspiration for your tattoo?

I don’t really have an inspiration. I saw a picture of the tattoo and I just wanted to get it.

Where did you get your tattoo done?

Divine Tattoo

How much did your tattoo cost?


How many more do you plan on getting?

I plan on at least one more on my thigh but that is later down the road.

Best Hair: Mia Alvarez

What is your favorite hairstyle?

I like to wear my hair down

Who is your celebrity hair style inspiration?

Blake Lively

What is the craziest hair style that you have ever worn?

My hair is always crazy

What products do you use in your hair/what is your styling routine?

I take a shower at night and then put my hair in braids. This makes my hair wavy in the morning. I don’t use products

What do you do if you’re having a bad hair day?

I don’t leave the house

Most likely to win an Oscar/tony: Elizabeth Kemp

What is your favorite movie or play? Why?

Hamlet because of the murder and Shakespeare

Do you ever get stage fright? If so, how do you cope with it?

Yes, just breathe and don’t look at the faces, look at the lights.

What has been your favorite role that you’ve played?

I played Jesse in Hamlet Trill ma gedden

Who is your favorite actor/actress? Why?

I don’t have one

What celebrity scandal would you most likely be involved in later in life?

Bonnie and Clyde Bank Robbery


Most involved at Sahuaro: Caitlin Manjarre

What clubs and activities have you been involved in at school?

Student Council (current student body president), National Honor Society (President), Varsity Club for Volleyball (vice president), Interact Club

What has been your favorite activity/event?

The first assembly of this year. I got to MC with the one and only KJ Redlin!

Is there anything you didn’t do that wish you would have?


Is there anything you were involved in that you wished you hadn’t been?

Nope! I’m very content with everything I’ve accomplished

Most likely to be a comedian/funniest: Katie Davis

What’s the funniest thing that has ever happened to you?

Winning this title because I didn’t think I was funny, just mean

What is the funniest joke you have told? 

My life

What is the best prank you have pulled on a person or had pulled on you?

I’m more of a sarcastic comedian rather than a prankster

Who is your favorite comedian and why?

Fluffy because we have similar humor

Most well-known on campus: Kendall Busher

What makes you so known throughout the school?

I blow kisses every chance I get

How many people do you greet or talk to in the hallway every day?

The real ones

What do you think is the first thing that comes to mind when people hear your name?


What actor/actress would play you in a movie?

Gal Gadot

What do you like the best about your personality?

I celebrate life at all times

Most likely to make a million dollars before age 30: Julie Wolven

What career will you have to “roll in the dough”?

Clothing brand, owning a strip club, selling a variety of things. Actually, I want to be a millionaire by the time I’m 23

Which charity would you most like to donate money to?

The Eva Lange Charity, just kidding I would donate to Skate for Change

How would you spend your money?

Cars, buying a planet (Pluto), buying bees and a skate park

Who would you share your wealth with?

My friends and family

If you end up doing the opposite and being poor, what would be the reason?

I spent all my money on life

Most likely to make it as a pro musican: Topacio Thongla

What instrument(s) do you play?

Violin and Guitar

What made you choose this instrument/these instruments?

It’s challenging and highly competitive

How often do you practice?

At least 10 times a week for 2 hours

What is the worst part of playing it?

Calluses, wrist pain, no free time, no money and a lot of self-doubt

If you become a pro, what kind of music will you perform and what will your band’s name be?

I think I would be willing to do any genre but probably solo

Most likely to brighten someone’s day: Halie Papanikolas

What is the kindest thing you have done for someone?

I’m kind sooo much I can’t decide what the kindest is

What do you do “on the daily” to brighten people’s day?

Compliment them!! And have a genuine conversation with them

What is the meanest thing you have ever done to someone?

I tricked Abby Serafini into drinking my mom’s breastmilk

Other than you, who do you think has the biggest heart?

Ziad Zibaoui

How does it feel to have won this honor?

It is honestly the highest compliment I’ve ever gotten and makes me so happy to know I’ve made so many people’s day


Prettiest Eyes: Kate Orozco

Who do you get your eyes from?

My grandfather

Are your siblings or friends jealous of your eyes?


What do you like most about your eyes?

They may be cool but I can’t see far away

What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received about your eyes?

That they’re the prettiest they have ever seen

If you completely lost your vision, what would you miss seeing the most?

Mia Alvarez


Best Instagram: Azalia Munoz

What’s the highest number of likes you’ve received?


How many followers do you have?


What’s the theme of your account?

I don’t really have a theme, but I like to use color

What’s your favorite thing about Instagram?

Sharing photos, and seeing everyone share theirs

What’s your least favorite?

It can be boring sometimes, twitter is better

Best Dancer: Hayley Knapik

What is your favorite type of dance to dance?


What is your favorite type of dance to watch?


How long have you been dancing?

3 years

What do you love most about dancing?

It allows me to express how I feel and forget about everything for a few hours

If you were on Dancing with the Stars, which star would you want to be your partner?

Mark Ballas or Derek Hough

Best Smile: Alaysha Grissette

What makes you smile?

Whenever something is funny or honesty anything

Who makes you smile the most and why?

Money because it buys me things that make me happy

Where do you go to the dentist? Have you ever had braces?

I go to Perfect Teeth and no I didn’t have braces

What toothpaste band do you use?

Crest 3D white

Do you floss/use a waterpik? How often?

I floss every other day

What’s the worst food to have between your teeth?

Popcorn because it gets stuck in my teeth

Best Makeup Artist: Caroline Finley

How long does it take you to do your makeup?

20-45 minutes

Do you have any celebrity idols that you model your makeup after?

Mario Dedivanovic, Kim Kardashian

Where do you buy your makeup and do you have a favorite brand?

Anastasia Beverly Hills is what I mostly use and only some drugstore makeup

What is the best compliment you’ve received on your makeup?

About my eye shadow and how my eyelashes look so real

Who would you most love to give a makeover to?

Blake Lively because she has really pretty skin and I love her

Most Likely to Be on the Cover of PEOPLE: Noe Austin

What is you biggest talent?

I would hope it is for acting or singing or both. They are both a huge passion for me. I hope that I can make the world a better place because of it.

What is something you’d need to improve before hitting the big screen?

My manners I guess. I’m not very lady like and I feel like that’s important to the media lol

Who is your favorite celebrity? Why?

Beyonce hands down! Nobody is handing her anything. She just works ridiculously hard and it shows off, because she’s the best in my opinion.

Who is you celebrity look-alike? Why?

People say I look like Miranda Cosgrove and Alyssa Cara. I don’t see it at ALL. I don’t think I look like any celebrity.

What do you want to be most known for?

Hopefully for being a kind person, and easy to work with. My family is in the business so I know that it makes everyone on sets life easier when actors are easy to work with. I also hope to be known for giving my money to good causes, charity, and service is a huge part of my life so I can hope to carry that with me now.