Vic Fuentes: New CEO of Living The Dream Foundation

Vic Fuentes: New CEO of Living The Dream Foundation

Amber Landon, Reporter

Lead singer, Vic Fuentes, of Pierce the Veil has recently revealed that he is now CEO of the Living the Dream Foundation (LTDF). LTDF gives disabled kids what they call a “Dream Day”. Dream Days include meet n’ greets, VIP access to concerts, hanging out side stage, hospital visits from their heroes, gifts, “and most importantly, lasting memories that our guests and their families will treasure forever.”

Andy Biersack with one of his fans on her dream day! (Image from Living the Dream)

The Living The Dream Foundation was founded by Scottie Somers in 2007. Somers was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, which is a hereditary disease that affects the lungs and digestive system. While growing up, his doctors noticed his good attitude and hoped that he could help other people who also struggled with conditions. Scottie started making music and only missed 3 shows due to his illness. He played shows with high fevers, pneumonia and even hooked up to an IV.

In 2019, Scottie handed his position over to Vic Fuentes. Vic’s band, Pierce the Veil has worked with LTDF for several years. In 2016, Vic officially became an ambassador for Living The Dream, “I love being a part of this foundation because it is so tangible and real. It’s amazing that we actually get to see, in person, the faces of the people that we are trying to help.”

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