Mr. Smith Goes to Sahuaro


Odyssey Larsen, Reporter

If you know any of the drama kids, you know him as the best substitute they have ever had. You might have seen him this year in room 200 as one of the newest editions to our English department. And if you don’t know the reference in the headline, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is actually an Academy-award winning film, but this drama-teacher-turned-English teacher so far is only winning over students. This is his return after being the long-term substitute for drama teacher Ms. Rossmeissl during her maternity leave during the 2018-2019 school year, and Mr. Echols while he was recovering from a surgery.  His name is Mr. Ryan Smith.

For former long-term drama sub, daycare worker, phone service and apartment salesman, Mr. Smith, the transition to full-time English teacher here at Sahuaro was a smooth one. When speaking about his several career changes he stated, “I wanted to make a difference and corporate America just didn’t work.” His experience subbing confirmed his latest career change. “I wanted to teach high school,” he decided.  He really wanted to teach seniors due to their curriculum; however, he is excited for his four periods of freshmen.  Forever still a lover of all things drama, he said, “I get to introduce them to stuff like The Odyssey and Romeo and Juliet.

Mr. Smith’s dad was a Band teacher, so the Fine Arts run in his family.  Due to his fantastic experience with Sahuaro last semester, Mr. Smith decided to be a full time English teacher. Even though his first choice is to teach theater, seeing as he has been in twenty plus live performances, “English is a great connection,” he says. “Instead of the acting, it’s the understanding.” Mr. Smith’s philosophy for life is to always work hard. “Be a try-hard! Anything worth doing is worth trying hard,” he exclaims.

Mr. Smith is ecstatic to be here at Sahuaro and helping all of his students succeed. With that said, he’d jump at the chance to get a drama teaching position.  “I can be choosy.  That said, if I worked teaching English for the next 25 years, I wouldn’t be sad.” He says this while faking having a tear run down his cheek – showcasing his acting skills.  With the help of the English department, some hard work, and a lot of laughs, Mr. Smith thinks this year will be great. Here’s to a great first year to this former Sabino student turned Sahuaro Cougar Teacher.