Reaching High To Fly

Armless pilot from Tucson recieves generous gift

Reaching High To Fly

Nevaeh, Reporter

Can you imagine being an armless pilot? Well, Jessica Cox can, and she manages to make flying look like a piece of cake. On Saturday, August 10th, Jessica was blessed with a generous donation.

Tim Treat, a Nevada pilot, along with being a “retired fan of Jessica Cox”, donated a single engine 1946 Er-coupe airplane to Jessica in Tucson. The plane was originally on sale for $23,000, but when Tim heard about Jessica, he felt it was only right to give it to her.

Jessica Cox is the world’s first licensed armless pilot. In addition, she is also the first armless black belt in an American Taekwondo Association. Jessica was born armless due to a rare birth defect and has been an inspiration to many people across the world. Jessica has been a flyer for 10+ years.

Jessica owns and founded the Rightfooted International Foundation. Her main point was to strive to have mentors across the world who mentor people with disabilities and advocate for disability rights. During an interview, Jessica told reporters, “The plane will be used to tell my story, as well as to hopefully inspire people.” Jessica also says that she will rent the plane out to the Desert Sport flyers club.

What is special about this plane is that the certain plane model is the only plane Jessica can fly, due to the fact that it doesn’t have rubber pedals.

Jessica’s inspirational story has driven many children, as well as adults, to do things that they never thought they could’ve done.