Multimillionaire Suicide…True or False?


Dacey Cervantes , Reporter

The multimillionaire Jeffrey Edward Epstein was arrested in July with six charges of sex trafficking, threatening the 66-year-old up to 44 years in jail (equivalent to a life sentence). His arrest stirred up commotion but not as much as his so called “suicide” on August 10 at 6:05 a.m. in the Manhattan Jail. Epstein was placed on suicide watch July 23 and taken off twelve days before his death. It is said the 6’2 sex offender used the bed sheets of his bunk and tied them around the bunk to hang himself off an estimated 5 foot tall bunk, sounds interesting, right? How could one, more than a foot taller than the object used, hang themselves without their brain detecting an issue and pulling themselves back on their feet.

While getting into interesting facts, one of the two guards put in charge to watch Epstein, was not a full fledged correctional office and legally could not be watching him. According to The New York Times neither one of the guards had checked on him in three hours due to sleeping on the job. In the special housing unit it is required to check on each inmate every thirty minutes.

Since the incident, both correctional officers have been put on leave and the warden has been removed from the facility. This is still an ongoing investigation into the cause of death as well as the lack of supervision conducted by the Manhattan Jail and its officers. Is this another case of abuse of power, neglect, or under funding?