It’s Harmless, What Could Happen?

Its Harmless, What Could Happen?

Maddy Pena , Reporter

Recently a study in the journal radiology proved that the claimed to be”harmless” vape pens are constricting blood vessels. Vape Pens have always been advertised as the healthy alternative to smoking, which for the most part they are. But the sad reality is that they’re not as healthy as advertised. A recent study showed that participants’ blood vessels constricted 34% after just one use of a vape pen. Vaping among youth has already been labeled an epidemic by the surgeon general Jerome Adams. The thing that worries adults the most is teens think vaping is mostly harmless.

The National Institute On Drug Abuse study shows that 30% of vape pen users start smoking cigarettes within the first 6 months of using a vape pen. The numbers they give are shocking – 66% of teens don’t know what’s in their vape pen and say that it is just flavoring when the truth is that there are chemicals that are necessary for the vaping process and those same chemicals are the ones constricting blood vessels by 34%. But I’m not just blaming the teens, seven in ten kids are exposed to the vape pen and vape product advertisements daily. The companies that profit from vape pens the most are the ones telling young impressionable kids that it is completely healthy.

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Vape Companies advertise their product as “pleasant vapor” when really it’s hurting people. The scientists who make Vape Pens know what’s in it and would never do that to themselves but unfortunately, your health isn’t worth the money they make. This isn’t the only vape company but it is a big one and a perfect example of the honest facts. Vaping is paying to be lied to and paying for health issues. Stop the cycle stop vaping.