De Pugh Times Two

Mother and daughter work together at Sahuaro.


Big and Little DePugh

Gabby Goldentyer, Reporter

Here at Sahuaro, the De Pughs are the favorite mother-daughter duo (and also the only!)
AP U.S History teacher Robin De Pugh has been working at Sahuaro for 13 years; she is also mother to three children. One of her daughters, Ashley, decided to follow in her mom’s footsteps by becoming a teacher. This is the 3rd year that Ashley has been teaching Sports Med./Health at Sahuaro.
“It’s an unexpected pleasure. I did not expect her to be working along-side me at Sahuaro,” Robin says about her daughter. Ashley was also surprised about her choice.  “I never thought I would work at Sahuaro. The plan was to become a nurse.” However, Ashley doesn’t regret it. She likes working with her mom because they can “bounce off ideas, and plan lessons and projects together that will benefit both of our classes.” They both enjoy sharing this common profession because they can find ways to collaborate their classes. Working at Sahuaro, they also see a lot of each other. Ms De Pugh says, “Our common profession has made our relationship grow. We can have conversations about school and develop lesson plans.” Ashley says the best advice her mom has given her about being a teacher is to “Stay with the current interests and always be a good listener to students.”
Ms. De Pugh and her daughter are commonly mistaken for sisters. This always puts a smile on Ms. Robin De Pugh’s face.