Cougars Clobber Sabercats Second Year in Row

jordan ford, reporter

As this season starts, one of the most important games was on September 6th which was the Sabino vs Sahuaro game. If you are a high school student here in Tucson, you know all about this ongoing rivalry. Our Sahuaro Cougars brought yet another win of the season beating Sabino Sabercats 47-13. This game was also the 41st Annual Rick Botkin Memorial game, which is the longest running memorial game in the country.

As the game starts our student section, The Cougar Cage, was going crazy especially compared to Sabino’s student section.The feeling in the student section was crazy – there was music blasting, dancing, baby powder being thrown, and so much lively cheering. The competitor’s student section said: “Real Cats Don’t Need Cages”. Their section was not very lively and people were getting kicked out of the game for throwing baby powder up in the air, and for a student throwing something onto the field.

Starting the game off strong, Jamir Gassaway made the first touchdown, further solidifying his position as our star football player. Many of the football players were making nothing but good plays such as Calen McFarland, Ahmad Hunter-Huggins, Izaiah Davis, and so many more. Our team was doing everything they could do to make sure they brought home this win. The relationship our team shares together and with the coaches really helped our team win this game and our last two games.

Although at the end of first quarter the two teams were tied, none of us doubted what our Cougars could do. After that our team stayed in the lead the whole game. The game was at such a high intensity the whole time even though there was no doubt that we were going to win this game.  As the 4th quarter came, we all knew it was an easy dub and there was already celebrating all around. Although there was some negative comments from Sabino, which was expected, that could not stop our school’s joy from winning this game.  Now our varsity football team is 3-0 and are expecting many more wins.