The Evolution of Jordan

The Evolution of Jordan

Maddy Pena , Reporter

Jordan Angel-Andrade Peralta, a Sahuaro senior with a job he is dedicated to and has already moved out and is living on his own, at only 17-years-old. Jordan works very hard at everything he does, but always sees room for improvement. All of Jordan’s life, he has had a deep fascination with all different types of art: for example, cosmetology, fashion, and music. His love for art quickly brought him to Ms. Kimbley and Mr. Long, the Sahuaro art teachers.

At the beginning of high school, Jordan had a lot of trouble with art, even though he loved it. He always felt discouraged about the final product in his artistic process. Constantly striving to be a better artist, Jordan has worked to improve and as he put it: “Getting more control when using media I’m not familiar or comfortable with seems like the first step.” Getting better at art is very important to Jordan because he hopes to continue his involvement in the arts and start his own makeup line one day.

Jordan thinks of life after graduation as, “Traveling, expressing myself and seeing different parts of the world is what I’d like to do.”

Jordan expressed that he wants to eventually make his art catalog called All Around the World which would convey

the different fashions, makeup looks, and hairstyles of the people he meets while he’s traveling. Creativity isn’t the only secret to Jordan’s interesting art, he is inspired by Nikita Dragun for her bold style and Bretman Rock for all his different makeup styles. Jordan went on to say: “What I like about them the most is the fact that they’re doing what they love and they’re so unapologetic about what they do and how they do it.”