The Story of My Life

The Story of My Life

Carla Hernandez, Staff Writer/Business Manager

You know what I love? One Direction. Why? I don’t know – I just kind of do. Every time they’re mentioned, my friends automatically think of me. Even the people that I’m not that great of friends with, know I LOVE One Direction. When Zayn left, I had many people ask me if I was alright. I’m guess I’m just pretty open about my love for them.

My love for One Direction all started with a 1D classic: What Makes You Beautiful. It’s the best song ever. It’s perfect. When 8th grade me listened to this song for the first time, I really had no idea that a simple song would change the story of my life!!! It would change who I am!!! (I’m exaggerating here, but also not entirely).

I listen to them every day. I know I should probably get new music but 1. That takes time and money and 2. Why get new music when I can just listen to 1D on repeat?

I figure that if guys are allowed to be passionate about football and get emotional about it, I can do the same with One Direction. A stadium filled with thousands of screaming football fans is the exact same thing as a stadium filled with thousands of screaming 1D fans. I’ve literally seen grown men cry over football, so why shouldn’t I be able to cry over One Direction? I swear it doesn’t happen often, but you know sometimes I just can’t handle how beautiful Louis Tomlinson is.

You and I both know One Direction is great. Even if you hate One Direction, you low-key like them. And how could you not? It’s pretty much impossible to hate them. Harry Styles is probably the most charming man on this planet AND he has great hair. He has REALLY great hair. The best – actually I’m just going to stop writing about his hair because if I continue, this article will be a lot longer than it should be.

So yeah I really love One Direction. Go buy Made in the A.M. on iTunes. And don’t forget to live while you’re young.