Get The Right Jersey Son!!


Gianni Martinez , Sports Editor

If you love The Cowboys then you know exactly who Demarcus Lawrence is. The Cowboys pass rusher is keeping it real with anyone who crosses his path, even Giants fans. No, not giant fans, New York Giants fans – for instance a young boy who just wanted a signed autograph was quickly rejected by Lawrence himself. The young fan was wearing a Saquon Barkley jersey asking Lawrence for an autograph; however the two-time Pro Bowler was not interested in signing the opposing team’s gear and was honest with the young man about that.

“Get the right jersey son!” Lawrence said to the fan as he walked away and to his car, a hilarious and also very sad video was shared all over social media displaying the young fan being rejected by Lawrence.

Now, do you think that Lawrence might have been a little too harsh with this young child? Sure, he could have, however why was this kid trying to get an autograph from the opposing team? Also, he should’ve been wearing a Cowboys jersey at the Cowboys game! Lawrence went on to explain his reasoning on twitter, stating how sometimes kids need to face a harsh reality. Overall just wear the right jersey or face the harsh reality of life. #suckitup #gettherightjerseyson!