Cross Country: One Hill of a Sport


Nathalia Valdez , Associate Editor and Chief

Fall sports are nothing new, unfortunately they are never really mentioned due to the overwhelming excitement of football season. Although, I do enjoy a nice football game every once in a while, Cross Country is the place to be. Cross Country isn’t just to put golf courses to good use, it also conditions you and pushes you to your limits. Yes, I will admit watching someone run a 5k does not sound interesting, but in reality it is a thrill.

The coaches, Coach Pam and Coach Handshoe, have been working hard alongside volunteer coaches, Coach Rutherford and Coach Chase, they push their runners to do the best they can at all times, even when it gets difficult (or 103 degrees outside) they work their hardest.

Skyler being announced in the top 25 making it to State

On Wednesday, September 4th, the cross country team headed out to Reid Park for their very first meet of the season. A few months later on November 6th Varsity Cross Country (Boys: Skyler DeVaughn (senior), Austin Valenzuela (senior), Adrian Beenken (senior), Eric Foiryolo (junior), Aidan Soto (sophomore), Victor Calderon (sophomore), and Matthew Schafer (freshman) Girls: Hope McDuffie (senior), Nelly Vidal (senior), Megan Rasey (junior), Nathalia Valdez (junior), Celeste Harp (junior), Nashelle Ponds (freshman), and Catiya Carrasco (freshman) headed to Rio Rico to race one last time. “The team has grown so much this season. Not only have we grown in numbers, but we’ve also grown in experience. I’m extremely excited for next season and what each athlete will do,” Coach Handshoe stated.

Skyler DeVaughn

Skyler DeVaughn, senior at Sahuaro High School, was in the top 25 runners qualifying for State (which was held November 16). “I’m very proud of myself for making it to State, I’ve been in Cross Country since freshman year, it’s a great way to make friends and you make great connections with the coaches. I will admit running is not the best, but the scene of accomplishment you feel after is worth it all.” Skyler finished 120th out of 230 and got a course personal record of 18.33.