HOOP – There It Is

SHS Beats Sabino at 1st Hoopcoming


Abigail Latini, News Editor

Everyone is familiar with the term “homecoming”. Some towns make a big day out of it and the school dances are formal, while Sahuaro’s is full of spirit, but the dance is very casual. However, this year Student Council decided to have a second homecoming and call it “Hoopcoming”. The difference is, instead of standing outside cheering for your team on the football field, students this time got to watch the varsity basketball players win.

The day started off with students arriving to school either dressed in circus attire or class colors. Some students skipped into school dressed as clowns while freshman wore yellow shirts. After attending first and second period, students filed into the gym. The assembly theme this year was circus, and the assembly sure looked like one. The assembly included dancing teachers like: Mr. Rutherford, Mr. Christian, Mr. Davies, and the dance-off winner: Mr. Marrs, who lost a clown shoe but riled up the seniors. It showcased winter sports, choir, and the dance team.

Finally the school day was over, but the school spirit wasn’t anywhere close to over. At 7:30, boys basketball began and spirit was at an all-time high. Students cheered left and right, hoping that we beat Sabino not only because of the rivalry, but because it is the first Hoopcoming and we had to start a tradition. The game was incredibly close the whole time. Sabino would have the higher score, then 3 seconds later Sahuaro would be winning. By the second half it seemed there was nothing that could make us lose. When the clock struck 0:00, the student section roared and we beat Sabino 64 to 44! The student section ran to the court and we all cheered together.

After the game students went to the dance and danced the night away.  I think it’s safe to say that Hoopcoming will become a Sahuaro tradition.