A New Clothing Line Based on Kurt Cobain’s Artwork

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A New Clothing Line Based on Kurt Cobain’s Artwork

Nerissa Larger, Media

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Recently an apparel collection was released named “Kurt Was Here” to commemorate the late front-man of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain. Every article of clothing was inspired by Cobain’s sketches, paintings, and hand written notes. This includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies with Cobain’s art.

This collection is a partnership between End Of Music and Live Nation Merchandise, which launched on September 9th 2019, and is available at KurtCobainShop.com. All the designs are completely authentic, taken straight from Cobain’s artwork and not edited in any way. Cobain was not just a musical artist; his original art and paintings are now being sold for tens and thousands of dollars in auctions. However, this is the first ever series of clothing that features Cobain’s other artwork away from music and in no way related to Nirvana.

Kurt Cobain’s daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, has always been silent about her father’s death other than the very few interviews she’s done in the past 25 years since his suicide. Even though she has declined interviews and hasn’t said anything about the clothing collection on social media, which was “designed under her creative direction,” she still continues business in place of her father.

Shirts available apart of the Kurt Was Here collection.

There have been multiple companies who have sold t-shirts inspired by the singer, including Forever 21 and American Eagle. Some less popular clothing lines sell clothing inspired by Cobain, including shirts with his suicide note on them. A brand named Vetements, who sells a $550 T-shirt that is a replica of a shirt Cobain wore on a cover of The Rolling Stones Magazine in 1992, also sells Cobain-inspired clothing. However, this is the first ever authentic collection coming from Cobain (in a way), with his daughter’s creative direction.

“It is the right time to share this collection of Kurt’s work with artists, collectors, and fans, allowing them to experience Kurt’s legacy in a new way, and collectively celebrate his lasting impact on the world,” a representative for Live Nation tells Rolling Stone Magazine via email. It has been over twenty five years since Kurt Cobain took his own life in April of 1994, leaving his one-year-old daughter, wife, family, friends and his fans. A large portion of the sales of the “Kurt Was Here” collection will being donated to the JED Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to suicide prevention.


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