The Office Ladies

Fifteen Years After The Office


Jordan Myers, Associate Editor-in-Chief

If you haven’t watched The Office, go ahead and click out of this article; this isn’t for you, you’re uncultured. But if you have, I’ve got some really great news for you!

The Office actresses, Jenna Fischer (Pam Beesly) and Angela Kinsey (Angela Martin) have announced that they will be a part of a podcast series called Office Ladies! The podcast series will feature the two actresses from the show who have been behind the scenes BFFs since shooting The Office and they’ll be watching each and every episode of the office, providing commentary about funny behind the scenes stories and more.

It’s happening: The Office actresses Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey announce podcast series.

“So many memories are flooding in as we go back and watch the episodes – many of which I haven’t seen since they aired. As we close in on the 15th anniversary of the show, it seemed like a great time to share our stories and behind-the-scenes trivia with fans.”

Kinsey added: “The Office was such an amazing chapter of our lives and it means so much to us that we get to share some of our memories of filming it with our audiences.

“So come on! What are you waiting for? Snuggle up next to me and Jenna on the sofa and let’s re-watch The Office together!”

Rumors of a possible reboot of the show have been flying around for NBC’s new streaming service, Peacock. But until we get a final answer on that, we get to know all the behind the scenes tea.

The one thing we know for sure is that The Office is leaving Netflix at the end of 2020. The popular sitcom will be replaced with Seinfeld as The Office will be brought to NBC’s own streaming platform. This means that you can watch all nine seasons with no breaks 170 times before it leaves. GET TO WORK!

The first episode of the podcast is expected to arrive on October 16.

You can find the podcast here